Hobby Horse Riding LLC


Horses for Lessons and Leasing

Below are the horses owned by Hobby Horse Riding LLC and Andrea Reed. They are used for lessons and also available for lease on a first come basis.  If you are interested in leasing talk to Andrea.  The lease cost $300/month and includes lessons. You must lease if you intend to show or trail ride. 

Toda Roan

Toda is an 10-year-old Quarter Horse mare. She was an auction rescue with a 9-day-old foal at her side. She rides english, westtern, trail rides, and loves gymkhana events. The picture is of Hannah and Toda at the New York State Fair. Toda is due to  have a foal in May and is not currently available for lease.  

A Long Way From New Holland

Jyl is a 8-year-old small pony as she is too tall to be considered a miniature horse. She is a cute little dun. Jyl was a rescue from an auction. When Andrea bought Jyl as a 3 year old she was wild. Since coming to live at HHR Jyl has learned to lead, tie, ground drive, lunge and ride. The newest thing she has learned how to do is jump in hand.  Although Jyl enjoys horse camp, her favorite thing to do is to be a mother. Jyl is due to foal in June, she and her mini mule foal will be for sale this summer. 

Moxie Girl

Moxie is a pony mare in her teens. She lived in Connecticut prior to coming to live at HHR. Moxie’s small size makes her great for little riders. Moxie quickly became a favorite, as she is such a patient teacher.  She stands out at the shows with her young riders. 

Rosa Mae

Rosa is an adorable 14-year-old roan pony mare. Andrea owned Rosa previously and was very excited about the opportunity to buy her back.  Rosa loves everything from teaching a beginner small child to jumping or gymkhana events, even trail riding.

Todal Indulgence

Huck is Toda’s 2015 baby.  Named Huck after Huckleberry Finn due to his behavior as a foal.  Huck looks like his mothers twin. HHR students will get to assist in Huck's training this summer. 

Galaxy Of Dreams

Star is an amazing teacher to riders young and old.  She is a 21-year-old flea bitten grey mare.  Named Star because her “flea-bites” look like stars in a galaxy. Star stands out in the show ring doing very well with her young riders.